Big Brave Knitter

Yes, I know, I missed yesterday.  The second day of my pledge to blog every day this month.   But I don’t care, because this morning Lucy Neatby told me that I can do whatever I want with my yarn, ’cause I’m a big, brave knitter. She told everyone else in the room the same thing, and so much more that my brain is nicely full.  She’s a wonderful teacher, and we were fortunate to have her in Sacramento for a weekend of classes.  She even brought the rain with her, to help us out of our drought (I hope she takes it with her when she leaves, actually).  I’m tired, but inspired.  Honestly, she packs so much teaching into her classes that I need a nap.  But what I want more than that is to cast on some socks, so I can use this as a sock cuff!  It’s called a Latvian Twist! Sad to say, my photography skills have not improved over time.  If you look closely, you can see that I twisted up  my knitting and I totally did it on purpose, unlike how I usually do it, which is to ignore the warning to be Very Careful Before Joining My Knitting Into The Round.

I’m also going to see about adding in some Puntas (the wavy edging on the bottom) and some stranded GARTER STITCH areas to a sweater bottom some day (I’m pretty sure it’s not called a bottom, but I know it’s not a cuff, right?  It’s called something else). Ignore the fact that I’ve never managed to actually knit a sweater, although I have started 3.  I’ve never done much stranded knitting, but apparently, most people don’t think it can be done in garter stitch.  But now, thanks to Lucy, I know how to do something that I didn’t even know I was supposed to think I couldn’t do. Is that great teaching, or what?

There were lots of us in the class, and Lucy wandered around encouraging and coaching:

Elizabeth got to be a happy stitch!

All in all, it was a great weekend!  Now, about those socks…


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