Local Color

There are a lot of places I’d like to live.  Scotland comes to mind, as do Paris and Tuscany. But for now, Sacramento is home, and it’s actually a pretty great place, considering some of the alternatives. Bakersfield, for example, or prison.  Last weekend, I took advantage of some local events. Saturday was Lambtown, U.S.A.  It’s a sort of smallish but enthusiastic fiber festival in Dixon, which is about 30 minutes from Sacramento. There were several yarn vendors, but I held firm to my “no new yarn” pledge and just got some hand lotion.  I met up with Lizette, who was spinning yarn for the Sheep to Shawl contest. 

She’s an amazing spinner; the yarn she was creating was laceweight, and she did it while holding onto a puppy on a leash!

There was also a sheep shearing demonstration, which was really interesting.  The shearer holds them in a particular way, and they go into a sort of trance. They just lay there while he shears away. I guess sheep are supposed to be pretty stupid, so that probably helps.

They sure are cute when they’re naked!

Sunday, I went to our weekly farmers market. It’s such a cool place; every seasonal fruit and veg you can think of, fish, honey, flowers, etc.  The diversity of people gives new meaning to the phrase “melting pot”, and I love it!  I had a lot to choose from: 

berries and peppers and tomatoes

and flowers galore!

Boy, did we have a great veggie pasta dinner!

All in all, a nice weekend!



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3 responses to “Local Color

  1. wow…your farmer’s market looked great! I need to back to my local one this Sunday. Liked the sheep shearing shots (say that 10x fast) too!

  2. That looks like SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!

  3. The line about sheep being pretty stupid just made me spit coffee on my computer.

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