Thanks, Kathleen!!!

I’m a sucker for swaps.  I tend to join them with gusto and high hopes for a fun experience.  And sometimes they’re great.  Other times, I’ve received things that I wouldn’t have picked out for myself, but I expect that.  After all, who knows me better than me? The Virtual Vacation Swap started off badly, or should I say, ended badly, at first.  I had gotten a couple of emails from my swap partner telling me how excited she was about the swap, then zilch. No contact, no package.  Fortunately, Kathleen came to my rescue as an “angel”.  And what an angel she is, too!  She spolied me rotten with a mug, book, recipe book, notepad, darling stitch markers, etc. (for some reason the computer does not like the picture of these things. It absolutely refuses to upload it. But trust me, it’s great stuff. It includes The Knitting Heretic by Annie Modesitt, so ‘nuf said).
Lots of foody things from Chesapeake Bay, where she lives (there are no potato chips in the picture; they were devoured before I got the camera out).


And yarn. Oh, my, the yarn! A skein of the softest, most beautiful light blue laceweight, and 2 skeins of absolutely gorgeous sock yarn. The dark blue is a semi-solid, has already been wound, and is destined to become (I think) the New England socks from Knitting on the Road.

Kathleen also sent an album filled with pictures from the Chesapeake Bay area. I’ve never been to this part of the country, but now it’s on my list of places to visit someday. Thank you, Kathleen, for restoring my fairh in swaps. Dave won’t thank you; he thinks I’m insane for joining swaps after being disappointed a few times, but he’s a muggle, and we must pity him. Now, where was that link to the Tea swap on Ravelry……



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3 responses to “Thanks, Kathleen!!!

  1. What a wonderful angel and a fabulous package!

  2. How nice for you. I got totally forgotten in the ISE4 (my pal got badgered so much by the hostesses and she finally sent me ONE email saying she had contracted a genetic disease and was sorry for the delay – then in the same email she promised me 2 scarves). THEN NOTHING. How evil is that – to dangle the “2 scarf” carrot out and not send anything.

    I contacted the hostesses just to let them know so that the evil nasty person (well not really – it’s just a scarf) couldn’t be added again.

    Glad to see you were angelled accordingly.

  3. I think Kathleen *must* be a miracle-worker: she got you to update your blog! 😉

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