EGAD, it’s Egeblad!

I wanted to knit a lap blanket after I saw all those lovely Hemlock Ring blankets all over the place.  But you can’t fool me, I know Feather and Fan when I see it, and I didn’t want to engage in another endless F&F festival of knitting.  I’ve already done the F&F shawl from A Gathering of Lace, and that’s quite enough for me, thanks.  So I chose another doily pattern, called Egeblad.  It’s from the Yarnover website, and I have to admit, I chose this pattern because it’s charted.  The pattern is easy, but not boring, which made it perfect for my purposes.  I did an extra repeat of part of it, and it turned out just the right size, about 48″ across.  There was one error in the chart, but, hey, it’s free, so no complaints here.

Here’s a closer look at the pattern.

Best of all, it’s made with stash yarn. I’m on a crusade to knit only from my stash until the Sea Socks cruise in May, at which time I will buy yarn at every port, with wild and reckless abandon.  There is absolutely no possibility that I will succeed, but I shall try.  The yarn for Egeblad is Rowan Chunky Tweed, given to me by my dear friend Emmy.  I have 3 skeins left, which I will use for a felted hat.



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3 responses to “EGAD, it’s Egeblad!

  1. Beautiful lap blanket!

    You said there was an error in the chart. Would mind telling me which row?

  2. Is loverly as always – you must POST more Posts! Or else – I will send my friend Nicole to come and get you.

  3. That’s truly beautiful. I love the doily pattern you chose.

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