June’s the best, in more ways than one!

Hi.  So, how’ve you been?  Wow, place looks about the same as when I was here last.  Time to pull the covers off the furniture, sweep up the dust sheep, and open the windows to let the fresh air in.  It’s officially summer break now (reason #1 why June’s the best!), so I thought I’d update the old blog and see who’s out there reading. 

 The first order of business is to tell you about the wonderful Whoduknit package I got from June (reason #2!).  This swap was through the Whoduknit group.  Every month we read a different mystery then knit something of our choosing related to the story. I use the term “we” rather loosely here, as I’ve never actually done the “knit an object of your choosing related to the story” bit. But I do love me a swap, so I signed up for the one we just did as a group.  The deal was, I sent June a skein of yarn and she sent me one, and we knit each other something and sent it back with some other stuff.  Sounds groovy, no? 

I sent June a skein of purple Cascade 220.  She sent me this lovely felted bowl!bowlfromjune.jpg

Isn’t it pretty?  It’s filled with potpourri.  In her note, she mentioned that before she felted it she imagined I might like to use it on my desk. For paper clips or something.  After it was felted, she realized that no one needs that many paper clips.  Hahahahahahaha! (That was funny. The bowl is, like, 8 inches across.) The package also included all of these goodies.


Drat. The picture is fuzzy.  I swear, I’m never gonna get the hang of posting photos.  Anyway, blurry thanks to June for such a lovely swap.  Her package from me is on its way. It’s late becasue I started, then frogged, about 4 projects before settling on the one I finally made for her.  It’s fairly hideous, actually, and I didn’t want to risk the camera refusing to photograph such an atrocity, but the other goodies are rather nice, so I hope she’s pleased.

I’ve now been sitting here playing with WordPress for about 2 hours, with naught to show for it but this measly post, and I’m gonna go knit now.  Kathy’s shawl is about 2/3 of the way done.  Photos tomorrow.  Yeah, right.



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2 responses to “June’s the best, in more ways than one!

  1. June

    What a nice note you posted on our swap. Sorry I didn’t know about your new blog until this morning. Thanks again for your e-mail and I’m sure I’ll love whatever you’ve made for me.


    BTW – love the bowl setting on your sofa arm.

  2. I am jealous you got some of that apple candy….I did a swap with the lovely June a while ago and she sent me some. I laughed about the paper clips, but wouldn’t it be a great bowl for your buttons, I know I need a bowl at least 8inches across for mine!

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