It’s been a busy couple of weeks, but here I am, ready to start some serious blogging.   I still havn’t quite figured out the phot thing, but I’m getting better.  My blog is named for my new license plate frame.  In this picture, you can see me pointing to the new plate on my car, the black Honda, and my friend Julie pointing to her license plate. Notice how straightforward hers is, and how strange mine looks. 2STXYRN seemed perfectly understandable to me when I told Dave I wanted it for Christmas, but now I’m not so sure anyone but a die hard knitter will even recognize it as a vanity plate.  Of course, my level of concern for what non-knitters think of my license plate is practically nil, so I guess there’s no
problem.  Still, I feel like getting a license plate frame that says “Get it? ?Get it?? It’s a knitter thing!”
I teach, so one of the things I look forward to every year is spring break.  This year we spent it with our dear friends the Jones’s, in Truckee.  We had a great time, as we always do with them.  I started these:
felted clogs for Dave, in the colors of the San Francisco Giants.  Bailey, one of the Jones kids, kept glancing at them and gently pointing out to me that “They’re really big.”  I think she thought I must be having some sort of gauge crisis, but I assured her they would shrink in the wash.  I think she’s still a bit skeptical about my knitting skills, but she did ask me knit her some socks.

We stayed in a beautiful cabin in Truckee.  For muggles, this area is probably most famous for skiing and Lake Tahoe, but if you’re a knitter, it’s most famous for Jimmy Beans Wool, a Truckee yarn shop.  Or it used to be.  Tell me, is there anything more pathetic than a knitter faced with a store full of yarn and a closed (forever!!!) sign??

I knew the shop was closing (they’ve moved to Reno), but it was still a bit of a shock to the system. They hadn’t yet finished moving the yarn, and there I stood, thinking “But there’s still yarn in there. How can they be closed while there’s still yarn in there?” Fortunately, there’s a new yarn shop just down the road apiece called Loopy. So far, it’s not very well-stocked, but I’ll be back in Truckee in August, so the owner has plenty of time to expand her selection before my friends and I swoop down upon her.

After the traumatic experience of seeing a closed yarn shop, we needed some R&R. Off to the nail shop for pedicures (me) and manicures, Denise and daughter Lindsey.
How cute is this?
Bailey decided she’d rather read, a not-uncommon response from her. I swear, the child is a voracious reader, no book is safe from her, and I adore her.

Kathy’s coming today, and we’re going to browse the Colourmart site to pick out a new yarn for her shawl. Wish us luck.


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